ATLAS RFID Server and Application Server

Browser-based definition, location, search, audit, alerts, access control and reports

ATLAS is a real time RFID Server and Application Server including a browser-based administrator allowing users to define their own asset types and attributes and then identify, track, search and report on those assets (which can be people and / or products), in real time, throughout their organisations.

ATLAS can be used for;

Automated time and attendance (and payroll), Access to secure areas by authorised / unauthorised (and 'associated') persons, Locating and identifying specialist staff, Protecting people (right patient, right guardian, muster lists, incident alerting), Automated goods identification and inventory and tracking between local / remote locations.

Visual alerts and audible alarms can be based on time / date, unauthorised area and invalid association (i.e. baby / guardian).

Add-on modules include CheckPoint (screen-pop of asset details) for guards, car parks etc and Access Control (allowing access through doors etc. or alerting based on asset credentials and movement within Node zones).

Nurse Call adds monitoring of healthcare-related Alert Tags. OccuTags allow bed status and room management . Hygiene adds automatic monitoring of sanitisers (used by nurses, doctors etc) and ward or bed by bed hygiene adherence as necessary.

Being entirely browser-based assets can be administered and visualised locally and remotely without requiring installed client software.

ATLAS is available installed or hosted and an optional ATLAS Client allows a site-based Node to push asset details directly into ATLAS' audit forms allowing global asset tracking without relying on cellular or wide area networks.

ATLAS can act as a middleware server, sending and receiving registration, location, status and access events from / to third party healthcare, personnel, asset management, order processing and building management systems (i.e. patient registration from SAP Healthcare).

In combination with the GPS-GPRS Node assets can be tracked whilst mobile between geographic locations.

In combination with KegTag ATLAS allows the beverage industry to monitor inventory, distribution, flow, empty / re-order, tampering and deterioration.

ATLAS is suitable for any industry vertical and any asset type.

ATLAS iincludes capabilities that normally require multiple third-party applications. ATLAS also supports passive RFID products.

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