Stand-alone 110V / 240V AC mains or 12V mains-adaptor powered Node for linking to existing door lock or barrier power units, remote controllers, lamps or alarms (any relay controllable device).

Any Tag detected results in relay operation or an AutoCompare option allows up to 100 authorised Tags to be programmed into each Node.

Internal double pole changeover relay (contacts rated 240V AC/DC 2 Amps, available via connector).

Range programmed via USB port (USB cable disconnected for stand-alone operation).

Height 155mm, Width 83mm, Depth 36mm. Weight 240g. Wall mount bracket.

Internal beacon / sounder option (deeper case).

Door Controller

Also available as Door Controller - Compact, indoor or outdoor (indoor version shown). Same relay function but with no access to the Tag / Node protocol output (suitable for door locks, paging systems, sounder / beacons etc).

Range adjustment via manual switch.

Height 110mm, Width 70mm, Depth 39mm

Also available as Door Controller - Flash (with an internal display indicating which Tag triggered the action).

Also available as Door Controller - NFC (with an internal Mifare 1k / 4k reader / writer). Any tag will operate the internal relay. 1cm - 2cm range depending on tag type.