The Embedded Node can be supplied to third parties for embedding into devices and connecting to OEM platforms (serial input / output can be connected direct to Raspberry Pi, Arduino etc).

The output protocol (TTL 3V 1.5mA) is available to third-party applications. Depending on Tag type this includes Tag signal strength, digital input status, alert and tamper status, expiry status, battery check and identity

‘Tag Detect' output suitable for relays, locks, alerts (via an external high current driver).

29mm x 21mm x 3mm (L x W x D).  2g. 3V DC 30mA.

A Wiegand (26bit) and Master or Slave (hardware and software enable / disable control) version is available.

ActiveLock option - remote command for opening doors etc.

AutoCompare option - up to 100 Tag ID’s stored on the Node (any of those Tags operates the Tag Detect output) for access control.

An optional USB Adaptor is available for output conversion and range setting.

Embedded Node