MobileLog is a portable Node for logging presence at specified locations. Ideal for Security guard tours, Hotels & leisure (e.g. housekeeping, security), Hospitals, Correction facilities etc.

Logs Tag identities (with date and time stamp) for up to 380 locations (rooms, areas etc). Hands-free operation. Downloads raw data to PC via USB port.

Rechargeable battery. Belt clip.

84mm x 53mm x 16mm (LxWXD). 150g.

Also available as ActiveLog, a fixed Node for logging asset (people and products) presence and dates / times of attendance together with asset count.

Logs up to 1 million Tag reads (including any sensor / switch data etc). Real-time clock,

Download raw data to PC via removable Micro SD card / SD Card reader. Import into Excel etc.

Mains or DC powered.

155mm x 83mm x 36mm. (LxWxD). 333g.

Wall bracket.

MobileLog and ActiveLog