PowerLine Nodes communicate with the RFID Server via mains / lighting circuit wiring (where conventional Ethernet and WiFi links may not be available or cost-effective to install).

Maximum powerline transmission distance; Standard - 300metres, Long Range - 1km.

Each installation requires at least one PowerLine Hub which communicates via Ethernet with an appplication server (lower photo).

Standard Node - 155mm x 83mm x 56mm (L x W x D). 0.5kg.

Standard Hub - 120mm x 65mm x 50mm (L x W x D). 0.5kg.

110V to 240V AC 1A. 50/60 Hz.

PowerLine Node modules allow the connection of other sensors including heat, light, smoke, pressure etc. (no new wires to accomodate these devices into buildings).

Also available as PowerLine Node NFC (with an internal Mifare 1k / 4k reader / writer). 1cm - 2cm range depending on tag type.

PowerLine Nodes