Adjustable strap -   

Stretch / cut tamper detection.

Flex alert button.

Optional accelerometer (free-fall detection).

Supplied with 10 white nylon push-pins (pop-apart). Optional Semi-Secure and Ultra-Secure push-pins and Removal Tools available.

Adult / Child - 300mm (l) x 20mm (w) (35mm at Tag location) x 1.5mm thick strap . 12mm (h) at Tag body. 18g

Ultra-Soft Stretch strap - (stretches to ensure close fit)

For newborn babies.

Proximity tamper detection.

Flex alert button.

15mm (w) x 2mm thick strap. 32mm (l) x 37mm (w) x 13mm (h) at Tag body.  Minimum inner circumference 100mm, max 150mm. 24g.

Plastic Clasp or Metal Buckle strap -

for use at leisure parks, music venues, cruises etc.

Optional tamper detection or wrist temperature monitoring.

16mm wide strap. 34mm (l & w) x 13mm (d) Tag body.  18g

Maximum inner circumference 200mm.

Alternative colours (black, pink, orange, burgundy, purple) available in quantity.

Bracelet Tags

Bracelet Tags

Bracelet Tags can be used by doctors, patients, children, guards, in fact anyone that requires more of a visible access and identification method that is sealed against liquid and dust access (IP68).

Immersion sterilisable.  3 styles (scroll down to see).