Embedded Tags can be supplied to third parties for embedding into enclosures and equipment.

The output protocol (from the Node) is available to third-party applications.

Embedded Mini, Slimline and LongRange include connections for an alert switch and tamper loop. These can incorporate an 'event driven trigger' (transmissions start if an external sensor activates for example).

Embedded Slimline and LongRange include 4 input lines for external sensors and an optional Alert switch.

Embedded Slimline allows a Proximity sensor or Accelerometer (free-fall detection) to be fitted and has a snap-off battery holder for situations where space is limited or batteries are to be mounted underneath.

Subject to minimum order quantity.

Embedded Mini - 21mm x 16mm x 3.5mm (L x W x D). 1g (excluding battery).

Embedded Slimline - 42mm x 21mm x 5mm (L x W x D) with battery holder (or 24mm x 21mm x 3.5mm 'snapped-off'). 3g (excluding battery).

Embedded LongRange - 44mm x 29mm x 5mm (L x W x D). 5g (excluding battery)

Embedded Tags