The Ruggedised Tag is suitable for harsh environments and where a Tag needs to be mounted onto large metal (trucks, roll cages etc) or wooden objects (pallets, kegs, crates etc).

Protected against vibration and shock (1.0 GRMS 150 cm/sec). IP54. Other ingress protection and shock specifications to order.

Optional waterproof connector allowing access to user and tamper alerts and 4 additional inputs (for switches, relays etc).

Optional Digitiser add-on allowing external sensors (temperature, pressure, flow etc) to be monitored (i.e. Internet of Things).

Temperature Tags available with internal sensor. -20C to +85C, 2C accuracy, surface or air measurement.

Available with and without movement detection (always-on for items that require detection when not moving).

Optional switch-based or magnetic detection Asset Alert (triggers Tamper Alert if Tag removed from asset).

Flange-mounted (rivet, screw, magnetic, high bond tape options).

67mm x 35mm x 20mm (L x W x H) including flange. 35g. 4-5 year lifetime.

With access to alert and general purpose inputs 67mm x 50mm x 20mm (L x W x H) including flange. 80g.

A 6V-24V DC (external power supply via flying lead) always-on version for vehicles is available.

Also available as LongRange Tag (minimum 250metres range outdoors).

LongRange Air Temperature Tag shown.

Ruggedised, LongRange and Sensor Tags