End Users
SecuriCode RFID solutions can be applied when there is a need to automatically identify, locate, authenticate, allow access, alert, monitor or report (relating to people or products).

Contact SecuriCode if your requirement is not covered below (products and applications can be used in multiple combinations or adapted to suit most use cases).

Authenticate occupants before activation.
Locate vehicles and contents to improve logistics.
Communicate presence between vehicles for safety.

Alert on movement.
Reduce consumable and labour costs (wireless light switching). Automate time and attendance and payroll for contract staff.
Care Homes
Improve security, alert on resident wandering.
Improve safety, room alerting (call staff via smartphone notification).
Protect teaching assets from theft.
Authenticate students and staff within facilities.
Monitor attendance for compliance and regulatory reasons.
Improve safety, automated rosters for fire and other emergencies
Financial Services
Secure facilities against intruding people and vehicles.
Authenticate staff and provide access.
Automate attendance and payroll.
Automated inventories, improve resource planning.
Tracing reusable containers and assigned contents.
Automate processes (save labour costs and improve reporting.
Personalised multimedia tours.
Artefact and personnel security.
Automated inventories across multiple-sites.
Oil and Gas
Associate individual goods' barcodes with returnable transport items (rails, rollcages, containers) and monitor those transport items on departure from the distributor and arrival at the retailer. Integrate with existing retailing systems. Improve stock visibility (multiple sites), reduce out-of-stocks, monitor perishable goods, automate reordering. Improve shopper experience and loyalty with automated promotions.
Security and Defense

Reduce identity theft by combining with other identity systems.
Improve security by accurate identification of personnel at range.
Allow access to restricted areas and systems

Monitor reusable assets to determine productivity and cost / benefit.
Track points of presence and loading / unloading to improve logistics.
Automate scheduling using stock analyses and reordering.

Monitor vehicle efficiency and the status of goods.

Improve site security by authenticating staff and specialist contractors.
Improve equipment / spares visibility across multiple sites.
Reduce downtime as a result of ‘lost inventory’.
Improve worker safety by monitoring location and alert conditions.
Improve patient identification, security and administration.
Locate ‘lost’ assets thereby improving service and reducing costs.
Reduce inventories and improve asset management.
Monitor hygiene and alert when hazards determined.
Manage and improve response to nurse call and other alerts.
Food & Beverage
Producer to point of sale tracking (reusable containers) improving efficiency and safety.
Identify (to staff) VIP’s & high net worth individuals for improved / secure customer service. Secure personal transactions.
Automate account access using links to financial systems.
Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
Automated inventories / automated re-ordering (reducing / eliminating ‘out-of-stocks’.
Monitor attendance and footfall at specific locations to improve visibility.
Personalise information relative to group or individual.
Allow access to arenas and exhibitions.
Monitor equipment / environment for safety reasons.
Send level, temperature, vibrations alerts.
Reduce utility consumption and therefore costs by monitoring occupancy.
Improve customer experience using automated product finders and auto-checkout. Improve loyalty / rewards by monitoring repeated presence.