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SecuriCode Tags are available in a number of styles dependent on their end use.

Numerous mounting options are available including pocket, magnetic, clip, hook, eyelet, high-bond tapes, lanyard etc. Some Tags support internal / external sensors and contacts (temperature, pressure, air quality, fire, door open etc) and others have user alert buttons and tamper alerts (Tag removed from asset).

Slimline and Pendant are normally carried by people but may also be affixed to objects. BadgeHolder Tags allow existing photo ID cards to be inserted. BadgeTags provide an alternative visual ID. Bracelet Tags are available to suit adults / children or newborn babies (Bracelet Tags also have a tamper alert (cut or stretched or proximity), a manual alert button and may be sterilised in a healthcare environment).

Retail and State Tags are specialised for particular verticals. Ruggedised Tags are suitable for cargo containers and vehicles. Embedded Tags are available for inserting inside third- party enclosures.

Tags are available in a number of Types, Sub Types, Cycle times and Active times, Standard (the Tag periodically listens for Node commands), OnePoll (the Tag only responds once to each individual Node), Always-On (for assets / exhibits that never move), TrakBak (distinguishes between moving and stationary) and Beaconing (the Tag transmits of its own accord), depending on intended use. Contact us for advice.

Standard Cycle Tags (for access control, alerting etc) listen (or beacon) every 2 seconds, slower cycle Tags are available for attendance / inventory (extended battery life).

Tag battery lifetimes assume a 2 second cycle and movement occurs for 50% of its life (battery lifetimes will be longer if movement occurs for less than 50%). Batteries are field replaceable in Embedded and Pendant Tags. SecuriCode provides a returnable battery / case replacement service for sealed Tag types. All Tags include battery monitoring.


(laptops, document folders, museum objects)


(people, paintings, luggage, vehicles, equipment, cables)

BadgeHolder and BadgeTag

(use an existing ID card or visual ID for new visitors / staff)


(babies, patients, theme parks, inmates)

Pendant / Alert

(staff, security guards, site workers)


(jewellery, clothing, luggage, televisions etc)

State Tag

(status of rooms, beds, equipment)

Ruggedised, LongRange and Sensor

(machinery, vehicles, goods, transport items, environment)


(for OEM's to incorporate Tags inside their own products)


(wards, care homes, machine shops, production lines)