Improve accuracy, promotions, inventory
Increase security, identify hazards
Improve visibility, productivity, logistics
Manage staff, visitors, payroll, mustering
Control doors, barriers, machinery, lighting
Temperature, humidity, light, power, gas
on move, tamper, fall, theft, fire, flow, level

SecuriCode Active RFID
solutions can be used to manage 'assets' (people, goods, vehicles, animals, utilities, environment etc) in any business (including health care, education, construction, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, farming) by providing -

SecuriCode launches Pathway, a collaborative process tracker for improved visibility, productivity and communication between groups. Can be linked into the Atlas real-time location system.

November 2023

SecuriCode provides real-time alerting / monitoring systems for 30 doors in 4 care homes. Linked to local / remote telecare platform


SecuriCode provides retail analytics solution to monitor footfall and dwell time (to optimise store performance / increase sales potential).


SecuriCode supplies 35th care home system to monitor and protect residents .


SecuriCode expands deployments in Africa, Ireland (healthcare) and in the UK (government building security).


SecuriCode Operator Safety solutions embedded in machines produced by large UK manufacturer. Machines operate only when trained personnel are present.


SecuriCode Patient-Management solutions featured in RFID Journal Magazine (Sept / Oct 2015).

October 2015

SecuriCode releases RedAlert, a stand-alone, multiple-room, resident alerting system for care homes.

March 2015

SecuriCode releases Bike Alert (accident / blind spot prevention - warns truck drivers that bicycles and motorcycles are near their vehicle).

February 2015

SecuriCode releases WiFi Nodes that act as a hub for Tags and Sensors forming The Internet of Things and for where space is constrained.

September 2014

SecuriCode releases Magnetic trip Asset Alert option for Mini, Slimline and Rugged Tags. Alert occurs if magnetic source not detected (Tag removed from asset).

September 2014

SecuriCode releases Digitiser add-on to Ruggedised Tags allowing internal or external voltage or current-type sensors to be connected (temperature, pressure etc available at the output of Nodes and in the Atlas application).

June 2014

SecuriCode deploys solutions in retail to track goods from distribution to supply and in museums to provide personalised tours using media servers and real time visitor group identification and location.

October 2013

SecuriCode releases UltraTag allowing cost-effective monitoring of vehicle or object presence in parking bays at remote locations (with Nodes and applications provides real-time web updates of parking space availability).

April 2013

SecuriCode provides a solution to monitor compliance with accident and emergency procedures including patient waiting / treatment times.

February 2013

SecuriCode releases GPRS Nodes allowing movement and attendance monitoring of goods and assets at remote locations and on vehicles.

January 2013