PC CheckPoint (Full and Demonstrator versions)

SecuriCode PC CheckPoint applications compliment the SecuriCode Active Tag and Node solution to provide an Asset Administrator and Display. Includes an Administrator application that allows 'asset' details (whether person or product) to be stored together with a photograph. When the person or product (Tag) is within range of a Node then the asset details automatically appear on the PC and a log is produced. Typically used for guard stations, checkpoints and administrator locations.

PC CheckPoint (Full) (above) is a multi-Node solution which requires the ATLAS or Aries application to be installed (ATLAS and Aries includes real time location, search, alerts and auditing).

PC CheckPoint Demonstrator (below) is a single-Node stand-alone application which includes the storage of asset details, screen-pop of asset records when Tags are detected and logging of asset details with date/time. Includes relay operation for Art-Access Node (access control).