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SecuriCode readers are called Nodes, of which there are two operational types and multiple connection options.

The Standard Type includes a 2-way authenticated and encrypted 'handshake' with Tags. Tags wil only ever transmit when in the field of an individual, authenticated Node (allowing for operation in aircraft, defence establishments etc).

The Beaconing Type transmits irrespective of whether in the field of a Node and is generally used where Tag(s) need to communicate with multiple Nodes simultaneously (e.g. in real time location (RTLS) solutions).

All SecuriCode Nodes include an encrypted air interface to protect privacy and identity, have adjustable range / sensitivity and all function autonomously, automatically pushing Tag reads to RFID servers / external applications. Depending on Tag style this includes identity, signal strength, digital input status, sensor values, alert and tamper status and battery check.

These combined features differentiate SecuriCode Nodes from conventional RFID readers.

Node Style (shown below) is determined by the type of server interconnectivity in place or planned (Ethernet, Power over Ethernet (PoE), WiFi, USB, RS232, Wiegand, GPRS and Nodes which form mesh networks are available), whether aesthetics are important and whether anything needs to be controlled (doors, alarms) or monitored (sensors, contacts etc) and whether functioning stand-alone or with an external application. Rugged Nodes are available for outdoor use and Embedded Nodes for use inside third party products.

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Ethernet (warehousing, manufacturng, industrial)
WiNodes (mesh for building sites, sports halls, care homes)
Art-Access (Ethernet & WiFi, hospitals, museums, schools)
Embedded (OEM, integration with third party products)
MobileLog and ActiveLog (guard tours, staff scheduling)
Mobile Readers (remote pipelines, mother / baby association)
TrakBak (remote sites, vehicles & goods, via cellular networks)
USB (checkpoints, gatehouses, registration)
RS232 (modems, gateways (including IoT), vehicle trailers)
Wiegand (replace 'swipe' style card systems)
Door Controller (stand-alone doors, barriers, alarms)