SecuriCode Tags and Nodes can be supplied with or without Applications.

An RFID Server will be required for any solutions comprising of more than a few Nodes which requires Tag identification, real-time or historical location, searching, authentication, access control, alerting and reporting.

SecuriCode's Atlas RFID Server includes all functions listed above and can run stand-alone or linked to third party applications (e.g. SAP).

PC CheckPoint and Mobile CheckPoint are single Node applications.

Comprehensive Operations Manuals supplied with all SecuriCode Nodes include guidance for integrating them with third party applications (autonomous Nodes require client / listener applications, no complex SDK's / interface commands are required).

ATLAS - RFID Server and Application Server (location, search, audit, alerts and access control modules)
ATLASFLEET - Global tracking of vehicles and goods including fleet efficiency (telematics)
PC CheckPoint - Asset screen pop, log and access control for stand-alone PC
Mobile CheckPoint - Asset screen pop (stand-alone or sync with ATLAS) and log for Mobile Reader